Founding Of Jewish Hoops America
The mission of Jewish Hoops America is to further enhance Jewish basketball in North America and Israel.

J-Hoops America began with a simple concept of creating exposure and a forum for Jewish high school basketball teams and players from around the country.

At the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year, J-Hoops America launched a new website (formerly aimed at covering Jewish high school basketball across North America. The website features weekly rankings of the Top 25 teams nationally, daily updates of scores and records, scoring leaders, previews of big games, coverage of Jewish tournaments and a forum where you can sound off about your team and others.

J-Hoops America is constantly working on projects to further enhance Jewish basketball. If you have any thoughts or contacts that you feel may be of interest to J-Hoops America in achieving this goal, feel free to contact us by emailing

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