JV Elite
JV Elite started in the summer of 2003. JV Elite was designed to focus extensively on player development of skills and fundamentals. The criteria for acceptance therefore include the dedication and commitment of a player to work hard in drilling, practicing and executing skills.

In order to maintain the high level of play and seriousness of the clinics and league games, the JV program is only open to players on their school's basketball team. JV Elite is considered an advanced program and therefore ALL PLAYERS ON THEIR SCHOOL'S BASKETBALL TEAM ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE. Exceptions, are made in certain situations. Many times coaches or players will recommend others who may not be on the team but will benefit from participating in the summer program. We are always looking for prospects and welcome any recommendations from players and coaches.

The program focuses completely on the furthering of each players' individual basketball skills.

Some of the daily activities of JV Elite include: Instructive Clinics and Stations, Competitive Intramural League, Clinics from Guest Coaches and Players, 3 on 3 tournament, Pickup Games with Staff, All Star Game, Award Ceremony with trophies, Nightly Barbecues

JV Elite's excellent coaching staff includes former Yeshiva University players, Yeshiva League Coaches and past Yeshiva League varsity stars. Guest clinics are given by College Coaches, Yeshiva League Coaches and past Yeshiva University and other College Players.

Some of our past guests include: Bobby Gonzalez, Head Coach, Seton Hall University; Dave Hopla, Professional Shooting Instructor; Steve Podias, Head Coach, Brooklyn College; Joe Jones, Head Coach, Columbia University; Floyd Bank, Head Coach, DRS, Member of the NY High School Hall of Fame; Jody King, former YU Assistant Coach and NY High School Coach, current Assistant Coach, Farmingdale State University; Quincy Douby, Player, Sacramento Kings; Casey Gordon, Player, LA City College; Kenny Harris, Former Player, Hofstra University; Joey Hoenig, Head Coach, HAFTR High School; Daniel Gibber, Head Coach, MTA High School.

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