Where Are They Now - Adam Stein
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Adam Stein
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Adam Stein, Captain, HAFTR Guard, Graduated 2001

It was the first game of my senior year, and we were favorites playing in TAB. However, late in the game we were down a point and staring at a bad loss to open a season piled with expectations. With only seconds to play, Adam Stein got the ball and calmly hit his patented baseline jumper to give us a lead. Getting a contribution like that during crunch time from a junior is not a common occurrence and at that point we knew he was going to be a leader and a winner. It was a pleasure to play point guard at HAFTR and know that I had Adam on the wing playing smart, fast and unselfishly. Although that season ended in a 2 point championship loss in the Meadowlands, I was happy to get the news one year later while in Israel that Adam had led my alma mater to a championship victory over Ramaz. Judging by how hard he worked in practices and games on both sides of the floor his junior season, I was confident when I passed the torch to Adam that he would lead by example and expect nothing short of 100% dedication from his teammates.

-Elie Mishaan, One of the Yeshiva League's top Point Guards and Adam Stein's Captain and PG during the HAFTR Hawks 1999-2000 season

Adam Stein attended HAFTR High school from 1997-2001. His grade had a lot of success together throughout junior high and high school. In 1998, Adam's 10th grade season, his Junior Varsity team won the Championship beating the heavy favorite Frisch Cougars and shutting down the league's top player. Adam was named MVP of the game. The team celebrated their first championship as a group, after previously suffering several stunning playoff defeats, including a quadruple overtime loss to HANC in the semifinals one year earlier. After losing in the Meadowlands in the League Finals to Hillel in 2000, Adam's Junior year, the same group that had won as a JV team returned for their Senior year together to face the heavy favorite Ramaz Rams, led by Ben Goldberg. The game turned out to be no contest as the HAFTR Hawks went on to win by over 30 points for their 2nd Championship in 3 years. Adam was named the Most Valuable Player of the game. The success of Adam's teams stemmed from a solid core of guys that had played together since the 6th grade (Stein, Joey Mograbi, Elliot Kollander, Josh Rohr and Adam Ganeles were the starting 5 in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade.) As very close friends they developed a chemistry on and off the court that was unmatched. Winning 2 High School championships in a 3 year span is a feat that very few have ever accomplished. They also won several other Yeshiva tournaments throughout those years.

After graduating from HAFTR in 2001, Adam went to Israel to learn in Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim, followed by 3 years at Yeshiva University. He also returned to Reishit for 6 months during his time at YU to be a dorm counselor. Adam then went on to attend St. John's Law School, and married in January of 2006. Adam and his wife Tamar have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Shayna and a baby boy who was just born named Tani. They are living in Kew Garden Hills. Adam works at a law firm in Manhattan called Herrick, Feinstein, as an associate in the Litigation Department.

Although he doesn't play nearly as much basketball as he used to, Adam continues to stay on top of his game. He plays every week in the fall and winter in a Forest Hills Jewish league.

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